New England Photographer

– Living on Cape Cod

Simply beautiful weddings. I pride myself on capturing priceless moments in a way that transport you back to that special day of celebration. So, when everything is said and done; the cake is frozen, dress preserved and luggage put away; the one thing you can expect from us are simply beautiful pictures.

I was born and raised in California and have been in Massachusetts for the

past 25 years. I am lucky enough to call Cape Cod home; where I am

currently chasing sailboats, catching sunsets and shucking oysters.

I’ve been a photographer my entire adult life. I graduated from Brooks

Institute of photography sometime in the last millennium. I’m trained

as a commercial photographer, but I have never once made an

art director cry over one of my beautiful pictures; Which is why I love

weddings. They are happy, fun and I get no bigger compliment than when I can make someone’s mother cry tears of joy.

I have shot over 1000 weddings and over 400 engagement portraits. Please enjoy my galleries and let me know if you want to learn more.

Living on the Cape - Working all over the world

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